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In addition to transport in the strict sense of the word, Depaire also offers operational, administrative and logistical support before, during and after transport. Our employees are trained in-house to handle every assignment as well as possible.

In addition, we try to call on external partners and subcontractors as little as possible. The result? Always the best service, quality and conditions.

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Depaire offers state-of-the-art solutions in national and international road transport, in full and partial loads, including subcontracting and chartering.

We offer an integrated range of additional services for transport (2PL) such as warehousing (3PL), storage, handling, logistics and distribution (4PL).

Our field of action is Europe but especially Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany.

We have specialized in steel transport with trailers equipped with coil wells and in Just In Time (JIT) for the automotive industry with mega semis.

As an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company, M.Depaire ensures compliance with legislation and is concerned about the environmental impact of its operations and is constantly working to improve its performance.

Located at the gates of Brussels, in the center of the "Belgian Golden Triangle", we have the ambition to become YOUR partner for distribution in our cities in 2020.

Our services

Delivering high-quality services within the agreed deadline is self-evident for us. Our team takes every assignment to heart to ensure excellence, from your request to the administrative handling.
  • Inge Aerts
    Inge Aerts
    General Manager Promat
    "We receive very valuable feedback on how unloading should take place and how it can be improved. This not only expands our own knowledge but also instills greater confidence in our dealings with the customer. This assures them that they can always rely on us and that we have a strong understanding of what we are doing."
  • Christophe de Cannière
    Christophe de Cannière
    General Manager Caldic
    "The unique combination of commercial flair and operational excellence translates concretely into the joint development of a tanker truck that precisely meets our specific needs and is suitable for the transportation of chemical products. Altrea listens to our requirements and works with our feedback."
  • Roel Smets
    Roel Smets
    Main shareholder and General Manager Altrea Logistics
    "At Altrea, we believe in the power of specialization."
  • Wim De Coster
    Wim De Coster
    General Manager IMCD BENELUX NV
    "As a specialty distributor, we often need to deliver our packaged shipments within 24 hours to our customers in the Benelux. For non-standard shipments, it is crucial to find a logistics partner who thinks alongside us. We found that partner in Trafuco."


Solving the logistics questions of our customers quickly and correctly is what we want. Because we want to do this for a long time, we want to achieve a positive balance sheet, a slight growth and a more efficient logistics solution every year. Commitment to our customers and expertise in our field is the starting point for all our employees. Our drivers are the ambassadors of our quality and represent our customers at the unloading point.

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